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Absolute numbers vs Percentages

After an unnecessary long summer break, here I am now.

An online article by the Guardian puts into perspective the number on arrivals of migrants to the EU, the number of filings for asylum in each country, as well as the relative weigth of each compared to the total population of each member state.


From the numbers emerge, among others, the different sides of the migration-to-the-EU phenomenon: arrival vs asylum ; absolute vs relative magnitude ; reality vs media report/politicians’ views.

EU countries are faced with different aspects of the problem, though  refuse to undergo a real EU-wide policy review of the s.c. Dublin System thus minizing the possibility of finding a sustainable way to cope with migration.


An example of the situation in Kos

At the same time the discussions on the exhorbitant levels of migrants  (sic) continue, sadly enough often in those countries less affected by it.

The sudden resignation of Greece’s PM is surely no positive piece of news for the migrants stranded in the Greek islands either. More and more weeks of political deadlock and a continue shortage of political will, economic means and international aid are going to result in a situation even more dramatic than that in Spain, Malta or Italy.

Surging fear and lowering engagement in Italy

Back in Italy since Thursday March 26, shortly watched TV around lunch time (one of the best time slots in term of audience in daytime) and learnt that according to new polls, Italians now fear terrorism much more than 3 months ago. Due to the Paris attack, the situation in Lybia and the latest attack in Tunisia, I gather. I have been looking for back up data online but cannot find them yet.

Surely, there is a general absence of analysis on long term causes of this surge of fear; at the same time the acceleration with which terrorism-related events reach the hot spot of news broadcasts ( and no more than 72 hours later disappear) is a phenonemon sui generis,  since the attitude (that the problem is external and thus less dependent on the direct engagagement of the country in the first place) permeates comments.

There are rumours of ISIS Lybia financing its activities through the racket of immigration to Italy. Ansa. Each article is full of perhaps. How tempting such a grand narrative must be for some!

Non mi sento Charlie ma mi sento libero

Mit ritrovo nel passaggio citato qui di seguito, tratto da un articolo di Roxane Gay, così come tradotto da Internazionale nel Gennaio 2015.

Io credo nella libertà di espressione senza eccezioni anche se, come ho già scritto, mi piacerebbe che più persone capissero che la libertà di espressione non è la libertà dalle conseguenze. Trovo di cattivo gusto una parte del lavoro di Charlie Hebdo, perché nelle sue vignette abbonda l’intolleranza di ogni genere. Ma la mia disapprovazione non può certo modificare le scelte della rivista. I vignettisti di Charlie Hebdo – ma anche gli artisti e gli scrittori di tutto il mondo – dovrebbero avere la possibilità di esprimersi e sfidare l’autorità senza essere ammazzati. L’omicidio non è mai una conseguenza accettabile.

Link all´articolo completo qui di seguito: Internazionale