Datajournalism in the last 10 years

One year of silence is a bit too long for a blog.
So starting exactly 357 days later, yes it has been an olympic year, I start again with this blog.

The relevance of migration on Italian media seems to evaporate steadier than it is the case in the German ones.
The rise of AfD in the latter country could very well be a reason for this difference, as unfortunately the right wing party not only gained votes and coverage, rather also has been able – through the misfortunes of the two governments parties and the tacit support of the Bavarian CDU – to set the terms of the public discussion.

Nevertheless I would like to come bring back to life this online tool with another input, which has been the most interesting thing I read this week – I even printed it out (!)

It is the speech Nicolas Kayser-Bril from Jplusplus gave at the MINDS conference in Copenhagen, on 20 October 2016 on the state of datajournalism and its development over the last 10 years.

I realised that the developments had taken place over a longer period of time than I imagined.
On the other side I am still dubious about the idea of what exactly journalism and newspapers both are and ought to be; and I think that on this respect it is not possible to substitute the functions they provide by simply adding more data analysis and by making them look like other online services.
Whether this is a conservationist position or not is what I am going to explain more in detail in my next post.

It will come way sooner than the previous one.