Italy: Number of migrants steadily high – policy silent

News about migrants and refugees have not been playing a major role in the Italian news this week so far, although data about the people numbers having reached the shores of Sicily since January  show a high trend of arrivals.

Around 15.000 persons arrived by boat since the beginning of 2015, an additional 3500 were rescued by the Italian and European navy.

News in Italy concentrate on secondary criminal aspects of  migration related events: a refugee dies on the boat and is thrown into water by the others, for instance, though it must be noticed that the articles refer of him as “being thrown into sharks´ mouth”. Or alternatively, an alleged Lybyan navy boat fired a refugee boat and soon after went back to Lybyan water. Notice here that some rumours about a connection between ISIS terrorists in Lybya and boat of refugees have been highlighted by some newspapers in the last weeks, altough the Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclaimed on different occasions the existence of proof of this allegation.

An article by the online edition of La Stampa puts into context the silence of many politicians about the arrivals quoting the upcoming regional elections in Italy as one main reason for downplaying the necessary steps expected for welcoming the refugees.

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