Italian Media on the 1500 arrivals in Lampedusa: an example of indifference

A clear-cut example on how the Italian media react to migration-related news lately is the one regarding the arrival of around 1.500 migrants to Sicily in less than 24 hours last week. The media become more and more indifferent to the issue “Migration from Libya to Sicily” unless the tragedy is both large in numbers and stands out as a sort of exceptional event.
You could find only short reports, most of which focusing on which military vessel saved how many refugees. In most cases on the day of event, this piece of news did not even make in the top headlines, at any point of the day in question. In a portal as visited as the one of “la Repubblica” it did not appear at all in the main page. Examples on the approach stressing military information and avoiding detailed information regarding the migrants follow here:
La Stampa
Libero Quotidiano
Corriere della Sera
la Repubblica