Surging fear and lowering engagement in Italy

Back in Italy since Thursday March 26, shortly watched TV around lunch time (one of the best time slots in term of audience in daytime) and learnt that according to new polls, Italians now fear terrorism much more than 3 months ago. Due to the Paris attack, the situation in Lybia and the latest attack in Tunisia, I gather. I have been looking for back up data online but cannot find them yet.

Surely, there is a general absence of analysis on long term causes of this surge of fear; at the same time the acceleration with which terrorism-related events reach the hot spot of news broadcasts ( and no more than 72 hours later disappear) is a phenonemon sui generis,  since the attitude (that the problem is external and thus less dependent on the direct engagagement of the country in the first place) permeates comments.

There are rumours of ISIS Lybia financing its activities through the racket of immigration to Italy. Ansa. Each article is full of perhaps. How tempting such a grand narrative must be for some!